Geotechnical Survey

GSS is equipped with a full range of seismic profiling equipment. For a majority of this work, we use latest sub-bottom profiling system. For high-resolution surveys not requiring deep penetration we use sub-bottom profiler system and for projects requiring deep penetration where high resolution is not as essential, we use a sparker system. GSS provides a wide range of Geotechnical survey services.

Geotechnical sampling is carried out by Geocorer (3m and 6m barrels) and free fall gravity coring. The Core Penetration Testing (CPT) is performed using our Roson Seabed Penetrometer System. Sample cores are useful for investigating the vertical strata of soil layers.

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Headquartered in the UAE, Geostar Surveys LLC provide multi-disciplinary marine survey support. We deliver solutions to the oil and gas, renewable energy, telecommunications and marine infrastructure market sectors.

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