Bathymetric & Seabed Mapping

GSS has been a leader in Bathymetric and Seabed Mapping technology in the Middle east region using the latest (ever changing) up to date technology. With the latest Multibeam Echo Sounder systems and QINSy software and Hypack Software .GSS is able to produce accurate bathymetric and sea bed mapping charts which, as an independent check we verify by running cross profiles.

Multibeam Echosounder and Image

GSS provides comprehensive survey data processing solutions as well as computer aided designing, modelling and drafting. Our customizable post processing software supports extensive feature including symbolization, labeling, DTM control, and more. With these powerful capabilities, clients get the final drawings expeditiously after the survey has been completed.
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About GeoStar Survey

Headquartered in the UAE, Geostar Surveys LLC provide multi-disciplinary marine survey support. We deliver solutions to the oil and gas, renewable energy, telecommunications and marine infrastructure market sectors.

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