ROV Services

Historically in the offshore oil and Natural Gas Industry, work- class ROVs have handled the bulk observation tasks on offshore rigs and vessels. The Portable Inspection class ROV are easily and quickly deployable. ROV Inspection survey shall be conducted for underwater structures (pipeline, cable, platform and seabed). The data collected during these surveys shall support […]
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Geotechnical Survey

GSS is equipped with a full range of seismic profiling equipment. For a majority of this work, we use latest¬†sub-bottom profiling system. For high-resolution surveys not requiring deep penetration we use sub-bottom profiler system and for projects requiring deep penetration where high resolution is not as essential, we use a sparker system. GSS provides a […]
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Hydrographic Surveys

GSS Use advance navigation and data acquisition system and processing software for preparation of charts. We offer differential Global Positioning Services carrying out all types of Hydrographic survey for the following categories. Bathymetry Surveys Rivers & Lake /Reservoir surveys Port & Harbours Surveys Dredging Surveys Diving Support- Positioning services Geophysical surveys Marine Offshore construction Services […]
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Bathymetric & Seabed Mapping

GSS has been a leader in Bathymetric and Seabed Mapping technology in the Middle east region using the latest (ever changing) up to date technology. With the latest Multibeam Echo Sounder systems and QINSy software and Hypack Software .GSS is able to produce accurate bathymetric and sea bed mapping charts which, as an independent check […]
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Marine Offshore Construction

GSS expertise in providing survey and navigation services on turnkey basis to marine / offshore construction services. The companies are involved in: Jacket, SPM/SBM & CALM BUOY installation, pipe laying , cable laying ,construction of jetties. Our activities Involving Pre- engineering and Pre -construction surveys Pre lay support services Jacket Installation, pipe lay and cable […]
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Geophysical Survey

GSS is a dynamic company that offers a total solution to all near shore & offshore survey requirements. Geophysical Survey is the Science of measurement and description of features which affect Maritime Navigation, Marine Construction, Dredging, offshore oil Exploration Drilling and related disciplines. This includes all facts of project management including; desktop studies, survey planning, […]
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